Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Once and Future Graduate...

In an exercise of complete anti-climax, seminary has ended...except for not.

My spring semester is over. Since I'm doing the hooded walk on Saturday, May 12, I had to get all my stuff in early. Kinda sucked then, but really nice now, 'cause all I have to do is show for class (a task that has grown shockingly difficult). So, how have I celebrated my new-found freedom? By starting on my work for summer school.

See, I get to walk on Saturday and then go to class on Monday. Funny how that happens when you've only finished 117 of the 120 units. I still have to take my last Greek class, which covers Romans.

I'm really not in the mood to do school work. Everything around me says, Relax and do nothing for a while. You've really earned it. Everything around me, that is, other than the Greek New Testament I've started lugging around again. It says things I don't feel like translating into English.

Somehow, it will get done. It has to. I just don't feel like doing it myself. Maybe it will be easier if I put on my robe and hood and then translate Romans...nope, even harder.

In other semi-related news: Getting a job is hard. Swallowing my sizeable ego and being willing to obeidently do whatever job God has in store for me: super difficult. I'll have to update. You know, in all that pseudo-spare time.

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