Monday, August 20, 2007

A change of demeanor...

I realize that this blog has lacked my attention lately, and I have a great explanation for that: my job has kept me super busy.

Yes, after two months of unemployment—the first of which was welcome and very restful, incidentally—I have found another employer crazy enough to hire me. This time, it’s Westmont College.

Actually, my job is an incredible mixture of things that I really love and care about. The type that only God could come up with. I serve at the College as the Campus Life Coordinator. In that capacity, I get to serve as an adviser for three student groups. In no particular order, the groups are:

Potter’s Clay: PC is a ministry that sends around 300 students to Ensenada, Mexico, every spring break for ministry and service. They also participate in a service trip in the fall that includes assistance with Ensenada’s Special Olympics.

Spring Break in the City: Exactly what it sounds like. Students go to San Francisco over spring break and serve predominantly in the homeless and AIDS communities.

Emmaus Road: ER sends Westmont students on overseas mission trips each summer. Past locations have included Uganda, Ukraine, India, and Japan.

As someone who loves college students and has thoroughly enjoyed serving numerous times in Mexico, once in Romania and twice in inner city settings (St. Louis, 2006; Chicago, 2007), this job is pretty much just what I would dream of.

I met my student leaders this weekend as we went on a retreat. I’ve had tons to do to get ready and tons to do before school begins next week. In short, I’m super busy, my students are great, and God is so faithful.

The process was something only God could have arranged. Funny how things go better that way.

The psalms also include declarative praise psalms that tell of God’s response to a lament. Consider me praising.


Rebecca said...

Benji, Glad you have a new job and are enjoying it! I also have a new job--at Ginnings Elementary! The coaches are sad that their two favorite subs are gone and have asked me to find them some replacements. Do any of your seminary buddies still sub? Email me at and let me know! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Ah Benji, I have to admit the blogging thing is new to me but I'm excited to have found yours. Glad things are looking up for you and if you're just now reading The Half-Blood Prince, I am wicked excited for your reading time. BTW how do I find your email? I'd love to keep your great editing skills at hand, I'm sure you can tell I need them!