Monday, June 11, 2007

Finally home...

After three long years, we have finally made it back to the Left Coast, and, let me tell y'all...Cali's never looked better.

Our arrival here signals many things:

The completion of two master's degrees (I'm still looking for "His" and "Hers" diploma frames), the acceptance of one new job, the search for another, the possibility of once again getting a fantastic hamburger (Enoch - you're out of your mind. "Somewhere between Whataburger and Krystal"?!?!) All good things.

This site will be updated more frequently now that life has returned to normal. Thanks for your patience.

As I breathe deeply of the ocean air, I can only blink back tears as I think, "It's good to be home."


Brian said...

I once made the mistake of saying at work that In-N-Out burgers were merely ok, and they wanted to drag me out in the street and shoot me, but thankfully your overly-strict gun laws saved me.

How was the trip? As you had to take two cars, was there any road trip reading? Did you have to read over walkie-talkies?

Brady said...

I too would have taken brian out and dragged him out in the street...but still no shooting.

In and Out burgers are far and away the best burgers you can buy in the fast food land, and that is not even mentioning their amazing fries.

In-n-Out I love you and I miss you.